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About Andrew Bell

Andrew was born and raised in Decatur, GA. Andrew attended two schools in DeKalb County’s District 3: Snapfinger Elementary and Towers High School. Andrew grew up during a time where students were able to get after school jobs. Andrew worked for various companies in high school including UPS. After high school, Andrew obtained a scholarship to an HBCU. Andrew attended Mississippi Valley State University (MVSU) briefly, and then entered the United States Marine Corps. Andrew is a disabled Marine Corps Veteran. Andrew worked while being a full-time student and graduated from Georgia State University (GSU) in December of 2004. He earned a double-major in the areas of economics and political science. Upon graduating he studied abroad in the country of Spain for approximately nine months. Upon his return, Andrew briefly relocated to Louisiana where he worked and volunteered, shortly after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and 2006.

Upon his return to the Atlanta, GA area, he began his own business as real estate investor and residential contractor, HomeFolkz, LLC. Andrew used his business experiences as a catalyst to partner with other businesses. In 2008, Andrew worked for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) where he would retire early, in 2014 due an on-the-job injury, which occurred while working near the runway. Currently, Andrew still runs his business and is father to a beautiful daughter. In 2020, Andrew ran as an independent candidate for Georgia House District 85.

In 2022, Andrew ran in the Democratic primary against the Incumbent for the District 3 Dekalb County Commissioner seat. With tenacity, drive, passion, and integrity, Andrew Bell’s goal is to run for DeKalb District Commissioner 3 and be the conduit of change!

What is your motivation behind running?

“I want to bring positive change to the community and bring in funds for education, funds for healthy recreation programs, and funds to prevent gang violence. Also, bring merit-driven pay raises and promotions, develop incentives for improving higher learning with methods or techniques that have been proven to work. I also want to partner with local businesses, religious institutions, and organizations to develop apprenticeship programs for youth and young adults, ages ranging from 16yrs – 24yrs. These partnerships would include summer programs, internships and more. I support more investment in free or lost cost trade schools to incentivize work. We don’t have enough carpenters, electricians, plumbers, HVAC technicians, mechanics, truck drivers, etc. Also, more investment is needed with adult learners updating our libraries to teach things like coding, digital editing, and even the basic navigation of the Internet to those citizens who were and have been left behind through the several changes that have been made during the digital age.”

How has this experience positively impacted you?

“Growing up in Decatur, I see how things used to be and how they are now. With so many changes, even within the last decade,  I have seen a major decline in how the community has been handled and misled by its leadership, and the community has suffered because of it.  My goal is to bring integrity back to politics, along with initiating policies that will improve the quality of life of “The People”. This experience has driven me to become more passionate about the work that needs to be done in and throughout the community.”

Behind running concerns in

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What are your biggest concerns in District 3?

“While each community has different concerns and challenges, there are some concerns and challenges that concern all those communities. My biggest concerns are the lack of government accountability, our failing institutions of government, and our failing infrastructure. Along with the effects of the increased cost of living, gangs, and a declining education system in our communities, which has had a significant impact on our youth.”

What are you currently doing to bring change to District 3?

“I am the former president of Restore Dekalb, I am currently the Treasurer for HR Butler Community Foundation where we currently serve 500 needy families a month. We provide clothing through coat drives and provide Thanksgiving and Christmas boxes to families in need, or that desire our services. I am also fighting for change in our judicial system, which most people do not have the time or resources to pursue. These changes include a more transparent election system as well as insuring the people’s property rights are held in manner guaranteed in the Constitution.”


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